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Bemi KIX-M | Built-in Audio Player

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Bemi KIX-M | Built-in Audio Player

Bemi KIX-M - Fitness smartwatch with built-in audio player

Built-in audio player

The KIX-M has a built-in mp3 player. This makes it convenient to listen to music directly from the watch while exercising, jogging, walking, or simply going to school or work. Enjoy your music anytime, anywhere!

512MB of internal memory is enough to store many of your favorite songs.

Files are loaded onto the device via a USB cable just like a normal external memory stick.

Direct connection to Bluetooth accessories

The dual Bluetooth connection lets the device connect directly to Bluetooth headphones, TWS, or an external speaker.

Music on your wrist

Listening to music from your phone? Say goodbye to it! It is inconvenient and not very practical for sports. With the lightweight KIX-M, you can comfortably listen to music without other additional heavy devices directly from your watch! Simply connect the watch to your Bluetooth headphones.

Thanks to the touchscreen, you can play, pause music, adjust the volume or switch tracks on the device screen.

Activity monitoring

KIX-M informs you of the number of steps you have walked that day, the distance and the calories burned.

All data is saved in the app for easy comparison and tracking of our exercise progress.

Sports modes

The 10 sports modes allow the program to be tailored to the user's needs.

The modes provide a set of data to monitor and analyse activity results.

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making this feature a pleasure to use.

KIX-M allows you to listen to and control the audio player without leaving the sports mode.

Dials to choose from

KIX-M has three built-in clock faces. In addition, it can store one user-created dial and one dial from the app.

There are 24 clock dials available via the H Band app*.

*Only one dial can be added at a time.

Your photo on the clock face

A special clock face function where we can use any photo from the smartphone gallery as a background.

*Only one custom dial can be added at a time.

Heart rate monitoring

A heart rate sensor that uses light from an LED to illuminate the wrist monitors heart rate changes and estimates blood pressure through different blood flow rates and associated light scattering.

Sleep monitoring

Wellness is not only about playing sport or eating healthily, sleep also plays an important role. The sleep monitoring function of the KIX-M, helps you track your sleep accurately, take positive steps to improve your sleep and greet each new day with happiness!

Women's mode

The H Band app has a built-in function for tracking menstrual status.

It allows you to record period data and track the length of your periods. The fertile period, ovulation, and next period date are predicted based on the data provided.

The app sends updated information to the device in the form of notifications.

IP68 protection

Thanks to the IP68 protection, you can freely use the watch during activities both in the gym and outdoors. The device is resistant to dust, moisture, and brief immersion in water.


When your phone receives a text or Facebook message, the Smartband will notify you and let you check the content without reaching for your phone. It will also notify you of incoming phone calls and missed calls.

Compatible with smartphones

The smartwatch is compatible with smartphones running the Android (4.4 or later) and iOS (8.0 or later) operating systems. It is supported by the "H Band" app, which is available for download from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Main features

Built-in audio player with 512MB of internal memory / Dual bluetooth module allows the watch to connect directly to headphones or a speaker / 10 sports modes /24 clock faces to choose from within the app / Phone photo on the clock face / Movement reminder / Sleep monitoring / Special mode for women / Phone camera control / Alarm / Stopwatch / Timer / Find phone / 24h pulse and pressure monitoring / The phone app has activity logging functions along with GPS position tracking (requires carrying the phone with you)