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Bemi Cognita X reader | Dual Color Front Light | 6" High-definition Touchscreen | 8GB

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Bemi Cognita X reader | Dual Color Front Light | 6" High-definition Touchscreen | 8GB

New in 2023! Bemi Cognita X

E-ink 6" screen with Carta technology, touchscreen, smart backlighting (warm and cold light), 8GB of memory, and an even larger 1900mAh battery.

Menu in Polish and Ukrainian.

The Bemi Cognita X is the best solution for those who value simple operation without giving up the advanced features of a book reader!

The Bemi Cognita X reader, with its integrated touch panel and smart backlight, impresses with its practicality, ease of touch operation, lightness, and versatility. The 8GB internal memory offers plenty of space for a whole host of books - forget about suitcases overloaded with them.

If you need more space, the Cognita X also has a microSD card reader that supports cards up to 32GB.

The Cognita X is handy thanks to its compact dimensions, 9 mm thick, and light weight of just 190 gr. You can carry it with you at all times. Whether on a long or short journey, on a break from school or work, or in the comfort of your home couch - it will work in all circumstances.

Eink Carta screen

Reading is a complete pleasure thanks to the screen with the latest E-INK Carta technology. The new screen has better contrast and a whiter background. Thanks to the improved refresh rate, you can read more pages without any loss of quality and the "screen blink" effect.

The e-ink screen, with its 16-degree grey scale, imitates the effect of traditional printing on paper. The 1024x758, 212 ppi resolution provides super comfortable reading without eye fatigue. Text is clear and easy to read.

Touch panel with anti-reflective coating

Cognity X's touchscreen is coated with a special anti-reflective coating so you can read books even in bright sunlight. The touch screen makes it much easier to use than readers with key operation.

Screen backlighting

The Bemi Cognita X has a built-in smart LED backlight allowing you to adjust not only the brightness but also the colour.

The Cognita X has a set of LEDs with cold and warm light colours (blue and yellow).

Depending on your preference by "mixing" the colours, you can set your own composition.

In addition, the reader has default settings for daytime, evening and night reading.

Lightweight and handy

Designed for your comfort, whether you are travelling or relaxing.

Its modern design and proportions make it comfortable and stable to hold.

The Texta fabric coating and the specially designed back cover prevent the device from slipping out of your hand.

Ultra lightweight at just 190 g and 9 mm thick.

Book formats

Cognita X supports most available e-book formats such as PDF DRM, epub DRM, TXT, HTML, FB2, RTF, MOBI (mobipocket), CHM, PDB, DOC (basic).

In addition, it also displays image files in the formats: JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF.

Adobe® DRM

Adobe® DRM is a copyright protection system developed by Adobe.

Many e-bookshops and libraries offer books with DRM protection.

Cognita X supports Adobe® DRM and enables you to read DRM-protected books in both PDF and epub format without any problems.

PDF Reflow

Cognita X supports the very useful Reflow function for PDF files. Reflow means breaking up the content of a PDF file so that it reads as text in a file such as epub or fb2. The text automatically adapts to the page size, making the reading experience pleasant and comfortable. In addition, text can be enlarged as you want.

Background change mode

It shows the book's contents darkened, using an inverse color scheme to improve readability and contrast further.


Cognita X has a simple built-in notepad where you can write down your notes or important information. Each note will be saved in TXT format.

Calendar with notes and notifications

Cognita X has a built-in calendar where you can save notes for each date and information about important events and set an alert for an upcoming date or event.


Cognita X has built-in basic dictionaries* from English and into English in 7 languages: Russian, Polish, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese.

The device additionally features Webster's English-to-English dictionary.

*Cognita X does not support marking words in the text. The word must be manually entered in the dictionary.

Book Library

Cognita X allows you to display your library as a tile with book covers or a list of files, either in internal memory or on a memory card if one has been placed in the reader. Cognita X also allows you to sort books by title, author recently read, and new. You can also create a list of favorite e-books and search for books by name.

In addition to the name of the book/file, we can view the file format (list) and the % of the book read.

Functions during reading

  • Add bookmark - add a bookmark in the currently opened book.
  • Bookmarks - displays saved bookmarks.
  • Table of contents - displays the table of contents if available in the file (function not available in .txt format file).
  • Add to favorites - add the currently open file to the favorites list.
  • Go to page - enter the number of the page you want to go to directly.
  • Search - search for selected words and the currently open book.
  • Zoom size - increase/decrease view (function only available in .pdf format).
  • Font size - increase/decrease the font size of the text you are reading (the function is not in the .pdf file).
  • Font type - change the font type (function only available in .txt/.html/.fb2/.rtf/.mobi format files).
  • Line spacing - adjust the line spacing (function only available in files in .txt/.html/.fb2/.rtf/.mobi format).
  • Margin - change the size of the margin in the file.
  • Text - the user can change the display of the pdf file between the original view (original off) and text only (reflow on) - (function only available in .pdf format).
  • Rotate the screen - rotate the screen 90º clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Swap colors - invert the displayed colors (default (standard view), the background under the displayed text is white and the letters are black; if the reverse colors function is enabled, the background is black, and the letters are white); (function not available in .pdf file format).
  • Auto-turn-set the time after which the page will automatically turn 10 seconds/20 seconds/30 seconds/1 minute/2 minute.
  • Refresh mode - set the screen refresh rate after each page/after 3 pages/after 5 pages.
  • About the book - displays information about the currently open book: title, author, publisher, and format (if available).

Note: Cognita X will adjust the available functions depending on the book's format. Not every function is available for every file format.


Cognita X has a built-in set of the following fonts:

  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Verdana
  • Consola
  • Corbe
  • Trebuc
  • Tahoma
  • Georgia
  • Open Dislexic Alta*

*Font created to help readers with dyslexia. Bottom heavy and unique character shapes make it difficult to confuse letters.

Please note that font changes are not supported for pdf and epub formats.


Cognita X conveniently supports the footnote function. You can jump to the footnote text with a single tap if your book has footnotes.

Running time

The Bemi Cognita X has a built-in 1900mAh battery. Once the battery is fully charged, the device can run for up to 7 weeks*, approximately 6,000 page changes.

*Under the following conditions: half an hour of reading per day, 30 seconds average page turn time, shortest sleep and auto shut-off times set.

Main functions

  • Recently read,
  • Recently added
  • Library
  • File sorting: favorite, by title, by author, last read, new, search book
  • Next to the cover and the name of the book, the device shows the % of content read
  • View of the library in the form of book covers or a list
  • Image viewer
  • Possibility of using your own photo as a screensaver and shutdown screen
  • File manager
  • Search book: the device supports searching for Polish and Cyrillic letters
  • Calendar with notes and notifications
  • Games (Sokoban, Jigsaw)
  • Dictionary
  • Notepad
  • Display of current time, day of week and date
  • Page refresh mode
  • Auto switch off
  • Standby time
  • Menu languages: Polish, Ukrainian, English, Russian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese


  • ARM9 processor
  • Screen 6" e-ink Carta, 1024x758, 212 ppi
  • Built-in 8GB memory
  • Touch panel with any-reflective coating
  • Two-colour backlighting (warm-yellow and cool-blue)
  • Fully adjustable brightness and colour mixing capability
  • MicroSD/TF card reader up to 32GB
  • Micro USB connection for charging and data transfer
  • 1900 mAh battery
  • Adobe DRM support for epub and pdf format
  • Supported book formats: PDF DRM, epub DRM, TXT, HTML, FB2, RTF, MOBI (Mobipocket), CHM, PDB, DOC (basic).
  • Supported graphic formats: JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG.
  • Weight: 190g
  • Thickness: 9mm

What the kit contains

  • Bemi Cognita X reader
  • Original Bemi box
  • The original USB cable is for charging and data transmission.
  • User manual in Polish and English.


The Bemi brand is global, not just a local online shop.

After-sales service is very important to us, so Bemi products come with a 24-month manufacturer's warranty in a door-to-door format. This means that if you have any problem with the device, you will send the device for service for free! After any repair or replacement, the service will also return the device at the manufacturer's expense!

The Bemi product service is located in Poland, which ensures a fast and efficient service.